Castle Properties Picture Gallery



Finished Renovated Kitchen 1
Basement Remodel
Finished Remodeled Kitchen
Basement Remodel in Progress
Finished Renovated Dining Room
Landscaping Work at Dusk
Bathroom Remodel in Progress
Bathroom Tile Shower
Remodeled Kitchen
Living Room Renovation in Progress
Remodeled Living Room
Finished Remodeled Bathroom
Backyard Deck
Elegant Flagstone Patio with Water Feature
Finished Deck in October
New Flagstone Patio with Landscaping
Custom Wood Deck with Landscaping
Wooden Garden Patio with Trellis
Redwood Deck
Remodeled Kitchen 1
Remodeled Bathroom 1
Remodeled Kitchen 2
Remodeled Bathroom 2
Remodeled Kitchen 3
Remodeled Bathroom 3
Remodeled Kitchen 4
Remodeled Bathroom 4
Barn Build
Barn Build 2

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